Speed of Trust – Book Promises

1. To watch a short video on the topic of See/Speak/Behave:

2. For information on measuring trust for a person, on a team, or in an organization, or a sample report:


3. To access a video detailing why trust is the #1 Leadership Competency today:

4. To see the impact of counterfeit behavior on culture:

5. For a video on how to measure trust and its impact on your organization, along with a sample Organizational Trust Index:


6. To see data regarding how we rate ourselves vs. how we rate others on the 13 behaviors:


7. To see a video showing how trust impacts innovation:

8. To see a video on why you can’t collaborate without trust:

9. To see a video on how trust acts as a multiplier of your ability to execute:

10. To learn the rest of Anna’s story:


NOTE: The Credibility Self Assessment from the 2006 edition of the book is no longer available. For more information on how to measure trust, please see Item #2 above.